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9 videos of reunions between dogs and their Military Dad Return home

The absence and waiting were difficult for these dogs and their master soldiers. By finally seeing each other again, they can let their joy burst forth.

The life of a soldier’s dog is not always easy. The hardest thing for the quadrupeds concerned to bear is the long absences of their owners. They are called upon to be sent abroad for months at a time, both in peacetime and in wartime.

Their reunion is all the more intense, as shown in these 9 videos.


This beautiful video was made in 2008. Gracie, a Golden Retriever female, was reunited with her father months after their separation. Unfortunately, 10 years later, the dog died, as the soldier announced on YouTube.


The 3 dogs of this member of the United States Marine Infantry (US Marines) back home loved the surprise; he was waiting for them sitting in the back garden.


This was not the first time Chuck’s master had returned from deployment. When his mother told him “Daddy’s home”, the Boxer jumped out of the car to join him at full speed.


Molly the Golden Retriever’s mother has just returned from Afghanistan. The reunion took place at the airport.


When he went to get the ball, this German Shepherd had no idea that when he returned, he would find his owner back among his family.


It had been 9 long months since the Great Dane Emmitt Thunderpaws and his master, deployed abroad, had not seen each other. His family had taught him not to jump on people, especially because it was not good for the joints of this big dog, but he couldn’t help it because he was so happy.


For Cotton, the Argentinian Dogo, a wait of the last few months had been very long, but the minutes he spent behind the door were even longer. Before letting her joy burst forth.


This member of the Royal Danish Air Force, who has returned from Afghanistan, received an equally warm welcome from his beloved Golden Retriever.


Daisy the dog and her mistress Amanda couldn’t be separated anymore. Their reunion after 6 months was more than moving.

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