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6 Exercises To Do With Your Dog On a Rainy Day

Winter is coming soon, you will have most certainly noticed it! And our desire to go outside for long walks with our dog can be well hidden under the duvet! Here are some ideas to keep your dog busy when it rains and meet his needs!

1- The “hide and seek” at home

Your dog is a truffle on the leg, enjoy it! This means that for him to concentrate on smelling a track is a real pleasure and a real mental expense. To keep your dog busy at home, there’s nothing like a game of tracking. Hide treats in different parts of your home and ask your dog to look for them. He will spend himself searching for them and reward himself by finding them. Be careful not to put treats in places where you don’t want your dog to take food afterward, such as the coffee table or dining table. Your dog should not get into bad habits with this activity. You can also hide, you or your family members and congratulate your dog for finding you!

2- Reinforce your dog’s listening skills

Another activity your dog will probably love is obesity or learning tricks. Offering this activity at home makes it easier for your dog to concentrate and therefore to succeed in this learning process more quickly. Arm yourself with candy or your dog’s favorite toy, you can teach him to “do the beautiful thing”, to give his paw, to roll, etc. Or simply repeat the basic indications such as “sitting”, “lying down, etc.”. All these tricks spend it, occupy it and strengthen its relationship with you.

3- Occupation games

Occupancy games are real treasures for our dogs. You can ask your dog to look for treats hidden in an empty plastic bottle or kong. Here too, looking for the treat will send your dog and he will find this activity enjoyable.

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4- The search mat

Have you ever heard of scent mats? This mat keeps your dog busy spending it actively. Remember that the most developed sense in dogs is a smell, so stimulate it! You can make this toy yourself and suggest to your dog to keep busy by looking for what to hide inside. You will thus have an economic and fun game. To learn more, click here!

5- Dog massages

Your dog can also take advantage of the gloomy weather to have a grooming and grooming session. If your dog likes contact, don’t hesitate to suggest this session. Otherwise, know that there are courses and training courses to learn how to massage your dog. This will allow you to take care of him and strengthen your complicity.

6- Take out your away and boots!

Despite all these tips, nothing can replace a real walk in the slush! And yes, your dog may not go out for a few days because of bad weather, but it can’t become a habit for him. The daily walk, no matter the weather outside, is essential! Indeed, for his well-being, your dog needs to go out, smell the tracks, play with other dogs, etc. So don’t hesitate to invest in a nice pair of boots and enjoy pleasant moments with your dog, while thinking of the hot chocolate that awaits you when you return!

You have understood that spending your dog every day is essential for his well-being. A bored dog is a dog that can do stupid things to keep busy. There are solutions to keep your dog busy when the weather really doesn’t lend itself to a walk, but it can never replace a real outdoor walk!

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